OYLA Youth Science (OYLA YS) is the scientific books designed for science lovers since 6+ till 99+, for teachers, students, and their parents.

The focus and content of the books are based on the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) concepts. All articles and contents are endorsed, prepared and proofread by professors and industry experts.

The main distinctive feature of OYLA Youth Science is that we explain complex subjects in simple words along with informative graphics which makes it easier for young readers.

The books is printed with the technology of Augmented Reality and on each book you can see a new interesting cover!

Contributors are recognized professors, teachers, scientists, industry experts, designers and so on, who have vast of experiences and come from the variety of backgrounds. We sincerely believe in the bright future of science and our goal is to popularise science amongst the young generation.


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Each book of the OYLA Youth Science contains a surprise. The cover of the book is made using the technology of the Augmented Reality. In order to see the animated cover, you need to download the mobile application and enjoy an interesting cover! The application works for the printed version and for the digital version of the book.